»Archiv 210« part of »Rundgang« exhibition

»Archiv 210« showcased two design-based research projects at an interim stage. During the »Rundgang« open days at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 23rd to 26th January 2014, Waltraud Indrist and Eva Sommeregger gave visitors catch a glimpse of their work in progress.

Room 210 on the second floor of the main building at Schillerplatz – normally a meeting room and model storage – was transformed into an assembly of various pieces of work that allow for direct engagement with the two design-based research projects.

With the project Make yourself a(t)Home Waltraud Indrist gave an insight into her questioning: Did the architect Hans Scharoun use photography as a vehicle to retrospectively depict a »humanistic« design method – focusing on the time between 1930 and 1945? Which part did Martin Heidegger’s works »Building Dwelling Thinking« and »Letter on Humanism« play considering the frequent exchange between Scharoun and the author?
The exhibition »Archiv 210« was showing two examples out of a series of experiments whose presentation was interacting with an installation designed by Waltraud Indrist.

How to draw where I am by Eva Sommeregger explored the field of architectural (re)presentation; the project aimed at generating a deeper understanding on how time based audio-visual imagery produces space in tracking and locating an embodied observer moving through a specific urban context. At this stage the Harry Pregerson Interchange was focused on, a 5 level freeway junction in central Los Angeles. »Archiv 210« featured various mapping experiments of the moving observer’s position on the interchange.

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