Building the Theory, MArch studio

History I Theory I Criticism MArch Studio, 2013,
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute for Art and Architecture
taught by Angelika Schnell and Eva Sommeregger

This studio took the outcome of the BArch Building the Design studio as a basis. Master students were looking at bachelor projects and were asked to build their theory upon them. Key was the notion of reproduction, taking into account its century-long history of philosophical and cultural meaning. Essays thus built on the notion of PICTURE THEORY, STRUCTURALISM, AUTHORSHIP, COLLECTING & ORGANISING and RE-ENACTEMENT.

Students were not only asked to write an essay on their topic but also to produce a publication covering their essays and the last term’s bachelor projects. The book was presented during the final presentations. The participating students were: Christiane Irxenmayer, Daniel Mikolajcak, Maximilian Müller, Btihal Remli, Michael Schodterer